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About Us
Trian commits to offer the safest and most durable high-quality protective products.  We are presently
supplying various kinds of industrial protective coverall, and medical and hospital protective apparels with
various kinds of high-quality non-woven fabric. Our products are designed to protect from certain chemical
splash, paint spraying, and particulate hazards, especially those involved with asbestos or lead abatement.

Our Products

Safety, comfort, fitness and economy are the major criterion on designing our products. Our designs are
customized to fit your unique requirements and are suitable to use in different environment. Trian offers a
variety of protective garment styles, materials, and environment adaptability. Our range of protective
clothing covers head, body, and leg protection. Some of our most popular products are made by the
highest standard of non-woven materials, which offers excellent protection from sub-micron particles, with
up to 99% holdout of particulate matter. Some other products with four-layers SMMS non-woven composite
offer adequate protection from asbestos fiber penetration with over 80% holdout ability while providing
greater breathability and comfortability.  We also carry polypropylene garment with very competitive price.

Our Quality

Quality is always the first priority in Trian and this is what we commit to our customers.
Medical/Lab products
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